OLPH National Blue Ribbon Award Celebration a Success!

What a remarkable day for our OLPH community! Our National Blue Ribbon Award celebration on December 1st was truly years in the making. We were delighted to share this special day with many friends including former teachers, alumni, grandparents, parishioners, current and former school parents.

During Mass, Fr. Arnold discussed the importance and joy of building our life on the only foundation that will never fail us, the Lord Jesus. Following Mass, Mr. Pellechia emphasized that this award reflects the dedication of school parents, the hard work of students, the quality of our teachers, vision of our leadership, the support of our benefactors, sacrifice of our volunteers, and the commitment of the broader OLPH community.

Director of the National Blue Ribbon Schools Program, Aba Kumi, commended us for having high expectations and exceeding them. County Executive, Allan Kittleman praised our school for reinforcing family values and developing students of character. School parent, Michael Steer focused on the one thing that sets OLPH apart from other amazing schools…having Christ at the center of everything we do.

Dr. Barbara Edmondson delivered the heartfelt gratitude of Archbishop Lori for our work to earn this award and said she was so very impressed with the reverent behavior of our students, especially or littlest ones. What a very blessed day for all of us in the OLPH Community!