OLPH School seeks continuous improvement in its educational offerings and facilities, consistent with the requirements of the Course of Study for Elementary Schools of the Archdiocese of Baltimore.  It promotes a positive learning environment with an emphasis on mastery of basic skills to assure competence in the fundamentals of each academic discipline, while recognizing the challenges its students will face in their future. The Stanford 10 Test is a nationally normed test which gives educators information on how OLPH School students compare to other students across the country. View the past Stanford Test Scores.

Every parent knows that no two children are alike.  The same can be said for how differently two children can learn.  OLPH School is sensitive to this uniqueness.  Teachers view each child as an individual, aware of each student’s individuality while encouraging students to work constructively as a school community.

OLPH School has made tremendous strides to better serve its student community. It is in this spirit that the Marian Program at OLPH School was created. The program was developed to help students with diagnosed language-based learning differences and math difficulties reach their potential and have a positive and successful school experience. Our Reading Specialist provides support to students and communicates regularly with parents and teachers.

Through participation in the Johns Hopkins Program for Talented Youth, eligible students are able to expand their educational horizons while gaining access to unprecedented enrichment opportunities.

The Accelerated Reader Program, a student-lead reading comprehension program speaks to the school’s commitment to individual learning styles as well. Students choose what they independently read, with the help of their parents, teachers, and fellow students.  Using their Lexile scores, teacher observation, and the Star Reading Assessment, students are paired with books within their developmental reading comfort zone. With a library of thousands of titles from which to choose, within many genres, students are given the freedom to select the perfect books for them.

A Principal’s List and Honor Roll have been established for students in Grades 6-8 to provide appropriate reinforcement for the student whose work demonstrates excellent academic achievement, as well as exemplary behavior and effort.  Honor Roll certificates are presented to students at the close of each grading period and recipients are treated to a celebratory breakfast in their honor.