A Catholic Education

Our Lady of Perpetual Help School, an Archdiocese of Baltimore Parish School, prepares students for a successful future. OLPH is academically excellent and sets high standards for student achievement. The balanced curriculum integrates music and arts, foreign language, and Catholic faith while challenging students in science, math, and technology. OLPH prepares students to be productive citizens and future leaders and instills in students the value of service to others.

OLPH School seeks continuous improvement in its educational offerings and facilities, consistent with the requirements of the Course of Study for Elementary Schools of the Archdiocese of Baltimore.  We promote a positive learning environment emphasizing mastery of basic skills, rooted in the fundamentals and complemented by the advances in instructional technology.

OLPH is honored by and grateful for the continued acknowledgement of our students’ academic excellence as well as their dedication to honor, integrity, and compassion. Both the students and the School have achieved distinguished honors. The academic success of OLPH students is recognized by the Knott Foundation scholarships, and our students have earned placement in accelerated courses in high schools. OLPH is committed to excellence in academics, spirituality, and community, and is dedicated to developing faith-filled, confident students with strong character who can succeed in the world and make it a better, more loving place.

As every parent knows, no two children are alike, and no two children learn alike! OLPH is sensitive to this uniqueness.  Teachers view each child as an individual, aware of each student’s individuality while encouraging students to work constructively as a school community.

OLPH offers support for students with learning differences through the Marian Program. This program recognizes the uniqueness of each child and provides the skills, encouragement, and means needed to succeed in the rigorous learning environment and beyond. Included in this program is the SAT (Student Advocacy Team) whose goal is to work with teachers to support students’ everchanging learning needs.

Our Reading Specialist provides early intervention and support to K-3rd-grade students and communicates regularly with parents and teachers. The Marian Program was developed to help students in 3rd – 8th Grades with diagnosed learning differences reach their potential and have a positive and successful school experience.

Accredited by Cognia, OLPH pursues continuous improvement in its educational offerings and facilities. The staff aspires to promote a positive learning environment while preparing students to meet the challenges of the future. Teachers are passionate about creating an exciting learning atmosphere for students, embracing the uniqueness of each child, and being dedicated to  meet students’ needs in a personal way. Whether in accelerated, on-level classes, or utilizing our support programs, every student is engaged and encouraged to reach his or her God-given potential. With a rigorous and innovative curriculum, critical thinking opportunities, cooperative learning groups, oral presentations, and state-of-the-art technology all serve to make that possible.

A strong sense of community is one of the hallmarks of OLPH. There are many ways to connect and be involved, such as:

  • Back-to-School Picnic
  • Parish Dinner Nights
  • Weekly Mass
  • Christmas Pageant
  • Living Nativity
  • Fall Festival
  • Annual Bull Roast
  • Breakfast with Santa
  • VIP Day
  • Field Day
  • Home & School Association (HSA)
  • School Volunteer

Our fellowship makes us more than a school; we are indeed a family in Christ.

Recognizing that parents are our students’ primary educators in faith and morality, our school fosters strong partnerships with our families. Working together, this consistency between home and school nurtures clarity and confidence in our students. OLPH provides a physical, emotional and spiritual safe haven and is blessed with beautiful diversity and offers a wealth of opportunities to welcome and engage every family.

Knowing the core of a person’s character is formed at a very young age. It is the passion of OLPH School to invite students to the love of Christ and Christian virtues during these precious formative years.

OLPH School seeks to foster a learning environment where the teachings of Jesus Christ, as passed down through the Catholic Church, are taught and lived daily.  Formal and informal prayer permeate the school day, with a religion program stressing basic formation in the faith, sacramental preparation and participation, opportunities for worship as a school community, and the call to service shared by all Catholic Christians.  This school is part of the total community of faith of the parish and considers growth in faith central to its existence.