Enrichment | OLPH School


OLPH School participates in the Johns Hopkins Center for Talented Youth Program.  This Talent Search identifies, assesses and recognizes students with exceptional mathematical and/or verbal reasoning skills.  Students in grades 4 to 8 who qualify are invited to participate.  We nominate students based on their Stanford test scores.  They must achieve a 95 percentile or higher in certain portions of the test as determined by Johns Hopkins.

There are many benefits for joining the search.  It helps to determine a child’s full capabilities, gives a clear view of academic strengths, the recognition can be a confidence builder, online courses are available, and students have a chance to qualify for CTY’s academic programs.

The students are required to take an above grade level test.  The testing process varies according to the child’s age.

After completing the testing process, parents receive test scores and information to aide in interpreting their child’s scores.  All students receive certificates of participation and high scoring students receive a certificate of high honors presented on stage at a select Awards Ceremony.