OLPH offers 5, 3 & 2 full-day Pre-K for students who will turn 4 by September 1st.

Our goal is to foster the growth of the whole child. This includes their intellectual, creative, spiritual, social, physical, and emotional development. We invite children to see themselves as uniquely created and loved by God.

OLPH Preschool environment provides…

  • A fun and engaging atmosphere that motivates each child to explore, discover, learn, and acquire skills for kindergarten readiness.
  • Socialization opportunities that develop positive relationships with peers and teachers by learning to share, take turns, care, ask, and invite.
  • An enriching curriculum that teaches alphabet and numbers, one-to-one correspondence, sequencing, letter formation, phonological awareness, science, social studies, and both large and small motor skills.
  • Preparation for life-long learning by encouraging problem-solving, listening skills, persistence, cooperation, independence, and organization.
  • Motivation and reinforcement for positive behavior which develops authentic self-confidence and responsibility.


One of the hallmarks of OLPH school is our strong sense of community. Every student, including preschoolers, benefits greatly from being a part of a broader community that encompasses students in our school, our parish family, alumni, priests, faculty, and staff.

OLPH preschoolers enjoy the greater resources as a part of a K-8 program, The advantages include a spacious gym, well-equipped playground, weekly Mass, hot lunch program, extended care, school-wide enrichment activities, specials teachers, service projects, bridging activities with kindergarten, and buddies in middle school.

Our day includes…

  • Structured lessons with games and hands-on learning that bring lessons alive and reinforces themes.
  • Faith formation through prayer, stories, songs, and crafts.
  • Center time where students choose from a variety of activities and manipulatives, including rice/sand/water tables, cars/trucks/trains, play dough, building blocks, books, kitchen, dollhouse, puzzles, puppets, and more.
  • Circle time to discuss the calendar, question of the day, active and quiet songs, finger-plays, and instruments.
  • Lunchtime where students can socialize and practice manners.
  • Spanish language through stories, songs and games.
  • Outside play on our spacious playground equipment for climbing, spinning, sliding and more.
  • Storytime relating to the theme or letter of the day.
  • Quiet time where students settle down for a time of rest or quiet.
  • Table Time with a daily art project linked to the theme of the day where children mature in following directions, fine motor skills, and creative expression.
  • Field Trips & Enrichment may include the Pumpkin Farm, Nature Center, Zoo-mobile, Mothers’ Tea, Donuts with Dad, and holidays.
  • Buddy Program where our youngest students are paired with middle school buddies for one-on-one fun activities and special events, fostering friendships and positive role modeling.

Pre K Daily Schedule


8:30          Table Time
9:00          Morning Prayer & Announcements
9:10          Circle Time
9:30          Story Time
9:45          Small Group Activity – Center Rotations
11:20         Outside Play
11:45         Group Lesson


12:15         Lunch & Recess
1:30           Daily Special (gym, Spanish, library, art, or music)
2:00          Quiet Time
3:00          Outside Play
3:20          Pack Up
3:30          Dismissal