Science – Technology – Religion

Engineering – Arts – Mathematics

Our Lady of Perpetual Help School is intentionally dedicated to the total formation of the child by preparing them for a global society through innovation, problem solving, creativity, and cross-curricular collaboration.

STREAM Teachers

Every teacher is a STREAM educator who integrates science, technology, religion, engineering, arts, and mathematics into the curriculum. STREAM is integrated through the use of technology as well as through center-based approaches to personalized learning. Educators seek global connections with student learning and assignments. Educators will collaborate with community groups and utilize virtual experiences to broaden student exposure and knowledge.

STREAM Students

OLPH School believes technology has the power to enhance teaching, learning, and communication. Technology provides an avenue for communication, collaboration, problem solving, and efficiency.

All OLPH students are STREAM students with multiple opportunities to communicate, collaborate, and think critically and creatively. Through individual assignments, group, and class-wide projects, or even in collaboration with our sister school in Haiti, students develop as global citizens.

STREAM Projects

Media opportunities are included for middle school students as weekly video announcements are designed by students and are guided by the technology teacher. Pre-K through fifth grade students participate in the interviews and showcases. These productions are published digitally and accessed through weekly announcement links.

OLPH places a priority on additional STREAM programs as after school opportunities for students to learn more. This allows students to take a deeper dive into specific areas of interest or explore opportunities to try something new.