Tuition & Grant/Aid

Tuition and Financial Aid

A Catholic School education is a financial investment and our graduates and their families would agree that it is worth it! Students are known by their teachers and their individual education is valued. An investment in your child’s Pre-K through 8th Grade education is an investment in their future success.

2024/2025 Pricing

Pre-K, 2 day
Pre-K, 3 day
Increase %
Increase $
$ 225
$ 250
2024-25 Tuition

2024/2025 Discounts for Multiple Children

2 Children (5%)
$7,885 ($415)
$8,075 ($425)
3 Children (10%)
$7,470 ($830)
$7,650 ($850)
4 Children (15%)
$7,055 ($1,245)
$7,225 ($1,275)


Catholic students in Grades 4 and 8 may apply for the Marion Burk Knott Scholarship based on report card grades and Archdiocesan standardized test scores. Eighth-grade students are encouraged to try for high school academic and music scholarships.

The Student Council sponsors the Michele Keeney and Caroline Herrmann Scholarship in memory of two of our alumni. This $500 scholarship, awarded to a seventh grader toward his/her eighth-grade tuition, is based on a written, judged essay. They also sponsor the Barbara Coakley Award, a $500 award for a beloved former OLPH principal. This is a special honor given each year to a graduate nominated and voted upon by the faculty and staff who, in their eyes, best exemplifies Miss Coakley’s characteristics of kindness, generosity of spirit, and dedication to OLPH School.

The Sliker family sponsors the Prayer Scholarship in Memory of Christopher Sliker. At the tender age of 5, Christopher succumbed to a rare form of brain cancer, and the Sliker Family offers a scholarship to promote, educate, and foster a prayerful life. Students in sixth grade are asked to express the importance of prayer in their lives through an essay. Essays are judged by a committee of pastoral and religious outside the OLPH faculty and administration of the school, and one recipient is selected to receive a $50 check and $500 scholarship toward tuition for the 7th-grade year.

The Marks family sponsors the Michael Marks Team Player Award. Michael Marks, alumnus of the class of 2005, tragically lost his life in an automobile accident in June 2013. This award of $100 is presented to an 8th-grade girl and 8th-grade boy who have consistently exhibited Mike’s traits of healthy competitiveness, sportsmanship, and leadership on and off the field.

Recipients of these scholarships and awards also have their names inscribed on the plaques that reside in the school lobby.

Tuition Payment Plans

OLPH offers four payment plan options:

  • 10 months – due the 10th of each month beginning in April (skip March & July)
  • Quarterly – due April 10, September 10, December 10, and March 10
  • Semi-Annually – due April 10 and December 10
  • Yearly – due April 10th

Registration Fees

A fee of $125/family will be collected with a perspective student application (this fee will be applied to the registration fee).

The annual registration fee of $250/family will be collected upon acceptance or re-enrollment each year in April.

FACTS Tuition Management

OLPH, per the Archdiocese of Baltimore Catholic Schools Tuition Policy, requires all families to pay tuition through FACTS Tuition Management. The 10 month and Quarterly payment plans require payments to be made via ACH debit or credit card (additional fees apply for credit card). The yearly payment option may be paid via check, ACH debit or credit card. FACTS Online Link


A tuition payment is considered late on the 10th day after a payment due date.  A late fee of $35 will be added to the tuition account.  Late fees will continue to accrue for each month for a payment that is past due.

OLPH recognizes that delinquencies may happen from time to time due to extenuating circumstances.  If a family finds themselves in a financial hardship they are strongly encouraged to contact Mrs. Underwood to discuss options.

Additional Fees & Requirements

Service Hours – fees are assessed based on a pro-rated basis for families not meeting the required number of service hours @ $25/hour

SCRIP – fees are assessed based on a pro-rated basis for families choosing not to purchase the required $2,500 of gift cards through the SCRIP Program @ $150 max