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Principal – Matthew Malone
Academic Dean – Mrs. Florence Hahner
Administrative Assistant – Mrs. Brandy Muñoz

Faculty and Staff

Pre-K – Denise Alexander
Pre-K Aide – Lisa Costello
Kindergarten – Heather Marsden
Kindergarten Aide, Library and Before Care – Liz Brasauskas
1st Grade – Tisha Lake
2nd Grade – Katie Zewe
3rd Grade – Maria McCormack
4th Grade – Kelly Benchoff
5th Grade – Kelly Farris
6th Grade – Liz Ehrman
7th Grade – Angela Patton
8th Grade/Middle School Science and Social Studies – Shannon Martin
Middle School Religion and Intermediate Technology – Mary Gregorini
Middle School Math and Technology – Denise Kerley
Art – Heather King –
Director of Development – Patti Hewat
Guidance Counselor – Amy McLaughlin
Marian Program – Patty Weir
Music – Charles Wieprecht
Nurses – Karen Mellendick,  Joelle Eikenberg, and Lynn Gibbons
P.E. and After Care – Martina Kerns
Reading Specialist – Laurena Sarver
Spanish/Library – Patricia Bosenberg
Teacher Aide – Julia Procopio
Teacher Aide – Sue Sontag
Teacher Aide/Marian Program – Sandy McHugh