Four-year Knott Scholarship Awarded to Anna Dang

Four-year Knott Scholarship Awarded to Anna Dang

OLPH eighth grader to attend Mount de Sales Academy in the fall

Congratulations to eighth grader, Anna Dang! She has earned a scholarship which will cover full tuition for four years at Mount de Sales Academy. This award from the Marian I. & Henry J. Knott Scholarship Fund is one of the most esteemed honor for students in Baltimore area Catholic schools. To apply, a student must have scored in the 94th percentile or above in Total Reading, Total Mathematics and Language on a nationally standardized test; and their grades must be all A/A+ or 93% -100% in major subjects. Anna was also recently awarded top honors in the state of Maryland for her stunning artwork for the Knights of Columbus Keep Christ in Christmas poster contest. This multi-talented young lady plays first-chair flute, is an accomplished violinist, and shares her gifts by accompanying our choir at weekly school Masses on Thursdays.

Anna gives glory to God, and had this to say about the honor, “I have always been determined to get this scholarship, and now that I have it, I have no idea what to do except praise God. I believe that it was through love of my studies and my effort that I was able to get this scholarship, and I credit my teachers and friends for being the motivational factors in my life. I give all honor to the Lord for providing me with this opportunity and giving me the grace I needed to achieve it. I was extremely happy when I got the award, and I am grateful for all the support I have received. The Lord is gracious enough to provide me with a school which fostered my abilities and nurtured me in my academics and life skills. May His reign go on forever and may I always love Him and His wondrous word.”

The Dangs have two other children at OLPH, Andre in grade 5 and John in grade 2. Anna’s mother, Vui Pham shared her joy stating, “My husband, Tony and I were absolutely elated with joy when we learned that Anna had become a Knott scholar. We were deeply moved and humbled by this prestigious award. We know that Anna is gifted with many talents, and one of them is the ability to use her gifts and time well. Anna is blessed with caring teachers and loving peers at OLPH, where she can comfortably be herself. She has had all the guidance she needed to excel in academics and extracurricular activity to fill her free time–such as chorus, band, art, and even acting performances–right here, and she is able to recharge her energy with the Junior Legion of Mary, Mass, and Adoration at the church. For us, OLPH is truly a one-stop shop for developing the mind, heart, soul, and spirit. We are confident that Anna will continue to grow at Mount de Sales Academy, her high school. We pray that her faith gets stronger as her knowledge expands and that she can always trust God like a child trusts his mother.”

Dr. Pellechia shared this news saying, “Anna and her family are overjoyed about this and so thankful for all that have helped Anna grow over the years. She is a remarkable student, and has given of her talents musically at Mass and with our Junior Legion of Mary. We know that she will go on to do great things in the years ahead. Thank you to all of you that have been a part of her education both in and out of the classroom and helped her to become the person she is today.” Anna joins the ranks of other OLPH alumni who are Knott Scholarship recipients. Elizabeth Weir and Andrew Sontag earned this honor in 2017, and currently attend Notre Dame Preparatory School and Calvert Hall College High School, respectively. Kelly Sliker, OLPH Class of 2014 attended Mount de Sales academy on a four-year Knott Scholarship as well.