Frequently Asked Questions

How will the fall distance learning differ from the spring remote learning?

The spring remote learning was an immediate pivot and response that was developed and changed over the course of our third trimester, however the fall will have the benefit of summer planning to ensure we are providing the most robust educational program.

What will the school schedule be?

This will depend on what phase of recovery and guidelines our state, county, and archdiocesan leaders provide. We will be prepared for 3 styles: full in school schedules, a full distance/at home schedule, and a hybrid schedule with some students in school and some at home.

Will there be more live teaching in the fall if all or some students are still at home?

Yes, we are in the process of ordering cameras and technology (vetted by the AoB) for classrooms, which allow for the classroom teacher to teach as she/he normally would and students to stream live instruction at home. Remote students can also ask questions in real-time.  This will benefit students who are at home for any number of reasons.

Can families opt into entirely distance learning?

We are looking into this option, but feel confident this may be a viable option for families that have particular needs that would not allow their student to attend in person instruction, but could access live instruction from our cameras.

What medical and sanitization standards will be in place for the school building?

Our school nurses are on the AoB nurses task force answering these questions. We will implement all necessary sanitization requirements that are given to us.

Our school nurses are meeting with me regularly to determine best practices for our individual school building as a result of their larger task force meetings. We are creating policies that will support safety for all who enter the building.

Does the school have PPE and supplies that help with sanitization?

Yes, we have supplies and are ordering more in preparation for the fall school year including but not limited to infrared thermometers, gloves, face shields, gowns, hand sanitizer, masks, and others.

How will social distancing work in the classroom and during unstructured times like recess?

We are waiting for additional guidance, and the protocols will depend on our school schedule. It is not our intention to eliminate “free time” recognizing that social development is a large part of what happens at school, in addition to the fact that students need breaks to learn effectively. All protocols will ensure meeting the needs and requirements of social distancing.

Will we still have mass?

We will follow all policies and guidelines for having indoor masses set forth by the AoB and will work with our students in “training” when we return (for more information about mass protocols click here).

How will we ensure our students are learning at the appropriate levels?

Our teachers have identified all areas of the curriculum in all courses that were taught in school and via remote learning in T3. These tools will be used to facilitate planning at the start of next school year. Teachers will use this data to do targeted review at the beginning of the school year, build on prior knowledge, and introduce new content for each course.

How will we measure student progress to make sure they are learning what they need to learn?

Best practices for remote learning assessment will be implemented. Students, parents, and teachers will receive instruction at the beginning of the year for how they will be held accountable for demonstrating learning in formal and informal assessment.

What can we do this summer to prepare our children for next year?

Our teachers will be posting summer work for families to do at your own pace. Summertime will be important for students to get a much-deserved break, however should you need additional support – they can complete their summer work, access the learning platforms they have access to during school, or visit other recommended websites to continue learning.

How will parents be supported if there is a shift to distance learning?

Parent trainings will occur as we get closer to the start of the school year, and/or during the fall so that parents are equipped with knowledge of distance learning platforms and policies. A common protocol will be shared with all stakeholders.

How will teachers be supported if there is a shift to distance learning?

Professional development will occur for teachers both at our individual school regarding our platforms in addition to district-wide archdiocesan development. Teachers have also enrolled in continuing education classes over the summer. Best practices for online, hybrid, and distance learning will be shared and implemented. A common protocol for teachers will be implemented at the beginning of the school year and shared with all stakeholders.

How will students be supported if there is a shift to distance learning?

Students will receive training in our platforms and policies at the very beginning of the year. A common protocol for completing assignments, turning them in and communication with teachers will be shared with all stakeholders at the beginning of the year.

How will new teachers be supported?

Our staff is developing a new teacher orientation program to help new staff become aware of the ins and outs of our school community. They will receive support from individual mentor teachers, and regular meetings with the administrative team.