Interactive Learning Center (iLC)

interactive learning center

The mission of the Interactive Learning Center, iLC, is to engage student learning through interactive instructional technologies. Students use our advanced digital learning environment to complete authentic, age-appropriate, cross-curricular activities and projects. Our teachers are engaged in ongoing professional development to incorporate new instructional technologies into their curriculum.

Our students receive instruction in the iLC during their dedicated technology class delivered by our Director of Technology, as well as from their classroom teachers who incorporate the use of multimedia into the general curriculum. For example, Google Earth is to be used by all grades to teach geography skills, math skills and language art skills. Sites such as ThinkPort, National Geographic, Discovery Education, and WeatherBug allow students to engage in an interactive learning experience to investigate and discover the class objective set forth by the teacher. Middle school students use tools such as Scratch to learn computer programming, Sketchup to learn 3D drawing and math concepts, and GIMP for photo editing and graphics creation. The technology curriculum builds off of the Archdiocese technology standards.

Our primary grade students are learning how to use a computer and iPad to complete activities that supplement class material. Intermediate grades (3-5) are learning how to use productivity software as well as numerous Internet sites that enhance learning. As a Google Apps for Education school, our middle school students are engaging in authentic, cooperative learning tasks using Google tools and various software to become skilled at photo editing, programming and web site creation. The learning opportunities created by the iLC are limitless.