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Intermediate School

intermediate schoolThe language arts curriculum focuses on reading, comprehension, higher level thinking skills, use of cursive writing, and creative writing using correct grammar and punctuation.  Public speaking opportunities are used to reinforce learning objectives and increase independence and confidence.  Importance is placed upon the areas of science and social studies where inferential reading skills are emphasized.

Through the study of life, physical and earth science, investigative skills are developed through hands-on lab experiences requiring understanding of the scientific method.  The social studies curriculum emphasizes geography, map reading, and organized writing, and hands-on imaginative creativity and learning is focused on communities, regions, and Early American History. Cross-curricular activities as well as technology integration are used to enhance learning goals.  Organization and thinking skills are further developed through computation mastery and multi-step problem solving in the math curriculum.

The Religion curriculum continues to focus on the Catholic faith especially in the area of caring for one another in our school and community in conjunction with learning the Beatitudes, Ten Commandments, and Sacraments.