Marian Program

The Marian Program is designed to support students with mild to moderate diagnosed learning differences and help them realize their full potential and have a positive and successful school experience. Students entering grades 3-8 who have had educational and/or neuropsychological testing and have been diagnosed with a mild to moderate learning difference may apply.

Marian Program Application – New Registration
Marian Program Application – Re-registration

Students Enrolled in The Marian Program receive services including:

  • An individualized Student Accommodation Plan (SAP), developed from exiting testing, that lists accommodations to be provided, as well as school, parent, and student responsibilities
  • Academic support in a small group setting that includes time for test preparation, skill review and reinforcement, homework help, organization, and goal setting/reflection
  • Comfortable and supportive environment where different learning styles are recognized
  • Access to the Testing Center where extra time, test-taking strategies, and test accommodations are provided
  • Regular and frequent communication between support team members
  • Parent support meetings and individual year-end conferences
  • Optional individual on-site tutoring (separate fee and subject to availability)

Program Costs:

  • The fee specifically for the Marian Program is $1,100 per student.  This is necessary to help us defray the expenses of the program.
  • Additional fees for students receiving optional individual tutoring at school may apply.  Not all families will choose this option, as some may prefer to arrange tutoring outside of school.