Marian Program

The Marian Program is available to OLPH students beginning in 3rd Grade with specifically diagnosed mild learning differences.  The program’s goal is to help each student recognize and nurture his/her strengths while improving his/her overall performance in the classroom. OLPH believes academic excellence is an achievable goal for all students, as each one learns and grows according to his/her own unique talents.

Marian Students can receive services including:

  • An individualized Student Accommodation Plan (SAP), developed from exiting testing, that lists accommodations to be provided, as well as school, parent, and student responsibilities
  • Academic support in a small group setting that includes time for test preparation, skill review and reinforcement, homework help, organization, and goal setting/reflection
  • A comfortable and supportive environment where different learning styles are recognized
  • Access to the Testing Center where extra time, test-taking strategies, and test accommodations are provided
  • Regular and frequent communication between support team members
  • Parent support meetings and individual year-end conferences

Program Costs:

The fee specifically for the Marian Program is $1,500 per student. This is necessary to help us defray the expenses of the program. Additional fees for students receiving optional individual tutoring at school may apply. Not all families will choose this option, as some may prefer to arrange tutoring outside of school.


Michelle Morin

Marian Director / Reading Specialist


Sandy McHugh

Marian Assistant