Marian Program

The Marian Program at OLPH School was developed to help students with diagnosed language-based learning differences and math difficulties reach their potential and have a positive and successful school experience. Students entering Grades 3-8 who have already had educational and/or neuropsychological testing and have been diagnosed with learning differences may apply to the program.

Marian Program Application – new registration
Marian Program Application – re-registration

Students Enrolled in The Marian Program receive services including:

  • Individual Student Action Plans (SAP) developed in collaboration with the faculty, Principal, and Guidance Counselor, based on existing educational testing.
  • Scheduled meetings with instructional team to discuss  student’s individual strengths, weaknesses, goals and objectives for the school year.
  • Coordination with private tutors of students whose families arrange for the tutors to work with their children during the school day.
  • Monitoring student progress and reporting it to the Principal and Guidance Counselor.
  • Monitoring tests and quizzes as needed when students require extra time to complete them or need to have the assessment read to them.
  • Assistance in developing study skills, organizational skills and test taking strategies.
  • Serving as a part time tutor for some program students.
Marian Program Director, Patty Weir coordinates with faculty in assisting Marian Program students by:
  • Serving as a liaison for the student with the faculty in developing classroom strategies and utilizing appropriate technology.
  • Interacting with faculty members on differentiated methods of instruction including multi-sensory teaching.
  • Providing guidance to faculty members regarding individual program students’ classroom and homework needs.
  • Assisting faculty with modification of assessments; helping faculty develops skill in modifying assessments according to student needs.

Program Costs:

  • The fee specifically for the Marian Program is $1,000 per student.  This is necessary to help us defray the expenses of the program.
  • Additional fees for students receiving individual tutoring at school apply.  Not all families will choose this option, as some may prefer to arrange tutoring outside of school.
  • Parents of all prospective Marian students must complete the Marian Program New Student Application.