Middle School | OLPH School

Middle School

The langmiddle schooluage arts curriculum includes a literature based reading program that promotes appreciation and understanding of the elements of various types of prose and poetry.  Communication skills are developed through diverse writing and speaking activities, such as research papers and projects and debates.  Standard usage, vocabulary, spelling, and grammar are then incorporated into this program utilizing individual and group work as well as technology integration.

In the science curriculum, skill application is achieved through experiments, employing the use of microscopes, and emphasizing the discovery and scientific methods.  The Internet is used to provide opportunities for interactive learning such as frog dissection and research. The social studies curriculum focuses on the development of critical thinking skills through reading and analyzing graphs, tables, and maps.  Historical and current event information is presented, integrating art, math, science, and language arts.  Internet research, report writing, and public speaking are also integral to gaining information.

The math curriculum focuses on pre-algebra and algebra.  Word problem and computational skills are fostered in cooperative learning groups.  Technology use facilitates learning through interactive tutorials such as data and function graphing and linear equation systems.

The Religion course of study includes Bible literacy, Hebrew Scripture, New Testament, Liturgy and Worship, Creed, Church history, and family life education as outlined by Archdiocese of Baltimore policy.