Stanford Test Scores

The Stanford 10 Test is a nationally normed test which gives educators information on how OLPH School students compare to other students across the country.  The average score on the Stanford 10, regardless of grade level or content area, is the 50th percentile.  This score means that in a random sample of 100 students in the norming group, we would expect approximately 49 to score lower than 50 and 50 to score higher.  Stanford results are reported in percentile rankings, not in percentage of answers correct.

Total Reading and Total Math scores are shown, as well as subtests like Spelling or Listening.  Not all grade levels have subtests for each content area.  The Basic Battery consists of Reading: Word Study Skills, Vocabulary, and Comprehension. Mathematics which is comprised of Problem Solving and Procedures. Language, which from Grade 4 and up, is comprised of Mechanics and Expression, Spelling, and Listening.  The Complete Battery includes all of those tests plus Science and Social Science.  A Partial Battery score is based on the combined scores for Total Reading and Total Math.  We do not give the entire Stanford 10 which includes Social Studies and Science tests; therefore, we get a Partial Battery score.