Arts & Music

Get Creative at OLPH!

OLPH’s music and art programs are designed to immerse students in fine arts to develop  self-esteem, self-expression, and creativity. All students participate in music instruction  weekly. By improvising, composing, and arranging musical selections, students gain an understanding and an appreciation for a variety of music.  They study music theory, explore various musical instruments, and learn to read and notate music.  Students in grades three through eight are assigned written class and homework assignments in various music units. 


OLPH students engage in a variety of performances, including an annual spring musical, a talent show, and performances at local sporting events and music festivals. The Christmas program is a highlight of the year for our students and families.  Uniquely designed to showcase the cultures and talents of our students, this program culminates in the telling of the story of Nativity, a Christmas tradition at OLPH.

Drama Club

Students in Grades 3-8 may participate in this after school activity.  Students learn how to stage productions, audition and prepare to participate in a talent show and spring play/musical.

Primetime Players

Primetime Players is a young actors group ages K-2nd grade. Students participate in all aspects of the theater  from learning to project our voice, playing charades, mime studies, listening to each other, and stage direction. We meet once a month after school for an hour. We culminate our year with a small scale production whereby students get to practice their skills they have learned for the year.


Students in grades 4 and up may participate in beginner or advanced band. Beginning band classes are held during the school day while advanced band rehearsals are held after school. The band performs in several concerts throughout the year including the Christmas program and a spring concert. OLPH band is offered through our education partner, Instrumental Music Program and has a separate fee.


The OLPH art program is continually evolving; the Makerspace Lab is a studio that fosters student’s creativity.  Our art teacher works with grades Pre-K-8 and focuses on developing student’s problem-solving skills and instills knowledge in art history and media during weekly instruction. Students create artwork via drawing, printmaking, ceramics, painting, collage, and fiber arts. The students’ artistic talents are highlighted as their creative projects are displayed throughout the school and during art showcases, most pointedly during Catholic Schools Week.