Taking Advantage of Nature

Taking Advantage of Nature

The 2021 fall season has offered up perfect temperatures for lots of outside learning opportunities at OLPH School.

A study from Frontiers in Psychology describes positive outcomes regarding increased focus and attention in students who have participated in educational classes while outside immersed in nature. We can attest to the benefits of outdoor learning for all grade levels at OLPH school.

Our 4th and 5th-grade students have spent time exploring our campus to support learning in math and science outcomes while enjoying the beautiful outdoors. 

Group STEM learning at OLPH SchoolWhile working on a math lesson outside, a student happened upon the discovery of animal bones and brought them back to their classroom; The discovery turned out to be a deer’s jawbone. While bleaching this treasure with their teacher, the class participated in a lively group discussion about the skeletal system.

Students have used different pieces of colored chalk to keep track of sequential learning equations like multiplication standard algorithms, using the pavement to keep notations. They then became their own teachers, checking one another’s work for accuracy. Math games were played and students went on a multiplication scavenger hunt exploring OLPH’s school’s 20-acre campus.

Other classes created a mixture out of solid items found outdoors, which included items such as gravel, iron flex, and salt.  The class then tapped their science learning resources, like magnets and sieves, to separate certain items apart from the main mixture. Most recently, the OLPH 5th grade science students used clay and other materials to represent a model of the Earth. They have just begun a unit on Earth’s System.

We are grateful to offer OLPH students at every grade level the opportunity to take advantage of hands-on, outdoor learning, enjoying God’s creation while discovering all that the world has to teach them!