OLPH Volunteer Center

OLPH owes much of its success to the many volunteers that give of themselves each year. OLPH uses Track It Forward to track volunteer hours and create event sign-ups.

Families can get started using the site by going to the OLPH Track It Forward page or using the login box on this page. First-time users need to create an account (one per family).

When creating an account, you will also indicate that you have read and understood the Service Plan Contract and that you will enter hours by the end of the month of service.

Once you create an account, you have the option to track your hours using your mobile device by downloading the free app from Track It Forward. Visit the App Store or Google Play and search for “Track it Forward” or “Volunteer Time Tracking.”

Questions or concerns can be sent to Trish Baldwin at hsa2vp@olphschool.org.