Student Performance

Standardized Testing

In alignment with the Archdiocese of Baltimore Department of Catholic Schools, OLPH uses NWEA MAP Growth as the official standardized assessment platform. The MAP is administered three times each year in fall, winter, and spring to students in grades 2 through 8 in core content areas. An assessment for learning, the results from MAP Growth are used to identify students’ ability levels, demonstrate academic growth over time, and place our students in appropriate instructional programs.

High School Preparedness and Acceptance

OLPH thrives in building a strong foundation for high school, college, and career readiness that will prepare students for higher learning and post-secondary opportunities.  OLPH nurtures an academic mindset that enables students to engage in a rigorous academic program and introduces students to the interests and skills needed to pursue career exploration. Students are given autonomy to drive their own experiential learning by promoting critical thinking and collaboration. 

Students are exposed to auditory, visual, and kinesthetic learning through multiple modalities that support differentiation, specialization, and inclusion.  Teachers check progress, extend learning, and provide feedback for student reflection through structured writing process courses, integration and use of technology, and research analysis. Academic achievement is inspired by focusing on the importance of study skills, productive time management, goal setting, effective communication, and assessment data.  For example, the advanced math curriculum enables students to be placed into a higher math track in high school and helps build their curriculum vitae as students prepare for high school and college.

Student Recognition

OLPH is honored and grateful for the continued acknowledgment of our student’s academic excellence, dedication to honor integrity, and compassion. Both the students and the School have achieved distinguished honors. The Knott Foundation scholarships recognize the academic success of OLPH students, and our students have earned placement in accelerated courses in high schools. OLPH is committed to excellence in academics, spirituality, and community. It is dedicated to developing faith-filled, confident students with strong character who can succeed in the world and make it a better, more loving place.